Agilyx Insights


22 Apr 2018 By 

Matthew Pritchard

A common e-invoicing standard and wider use of NZBNs are great initiatives from the NZ Government that will save the economy money and improve ...

Powering a Tropical Paradise: Agilyx Group Proud to be a Partner in Delivering a Sustainable Future for the Pacific

11 Apr 2018 By 

Beatriz Santos

The bluest water and the softest sand – that is what you can expect to find in the Cook Islands, a tropical paradise in the Pacific just four hours ...

The Chronic Requirements Management Problem that Plague ERP Implementations

25 Mar 2018 By 

Brett Cornforth

  Just so this doesn’t get misconstrued as a blanket statement on the cause of ERP project failures, I should assert that poor requirements ...

How to Protect Yourself After the Next Big Corporate Hack

31 Jan 2018 By 

Mariya Zarembo

  Corporate hacks are an unfortunate reality in today's technological climate. Whether these breaches in security are small or large (like last ...

NZ Privacy Commissioner on the "Irish Data Protection Case"

28 Jan 2018 By 

Matthew Pritchard

  NZ Privacy Commissioner John Edwards has filed a submission to the US Supreme Court in the 'United States v Microsoft' case that data protection ...

Cloud ERPs for Finance: The Time is Now

21 Jan 2018 By 

Mariya Zarembo

  As ERP technology continuously evolves, financial leaders are turning to cloud-based financial systems to drive major growth. It is becoming ...