Big data is an undoubtedly loaded concept that requires a great deal of unpacking to understand and utilise correctly. Both small and large business can benefit greatly from this new trend in the tech sphere.

A recent survey reports that 35 percent of start-ups do not even consider delving into big data – a potentially damaging decision for a company to make. There is an abundant amount of useful information that is just waiting to be gathered and analysed by organisations. Furthermore, big data solutions are now available that are more varied and cheaper than ever.

In terms of HR, specifically, big data is expected to change the industry in many ways and HR software can be incredibly effective in improving your business. Just a few of the facets that will be improved are employee retention, recruitment and knowledge management. 

Read on to find out 6 ways big data may offer HR departments the ability to make more data-driven, objective and overall better decisions about their employees and the company as a whole.