We've all done a Facebook quiz for fun, or maybe to stave off boredom, but we've probably given away too much personal information to 'who know's who'.

While this article exposes more 'only-in-America' election dark arts; 

  • How many people have answered "What was your first car?" on Facebook?
  • How many people list their Grandmother on Facebook?
  • How many teenagers have shared a picture of their new driver licence on Facebook?
  • Which leads to the next question; how many people have shared their banking password reset question answers on Facebook?

For people who have over-shared, you can't pull information off the internet. You can however simply ignore set security questions and write in answers that you'll remember, but are irrelevant to the actual question. Being able to write in customised questions is the best though.

Nothing on the internet, and Facebook in particular, can be taken at face value. Always be careful and wonder what the other person gets from you giving seemingly innocuous information.